School audit service:

  • Onsite visit.
  • Ensure full compliance with current legislation: Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE), Prevention of illegal working (Home Office), GDPR (Data Protection), Equality Act (2010).
  • Discussion around best practice with current processes.
  • Review of electronic Single Central Record.
  • Review of sample files.
  • Review of all employees who are subject to immigration control.
  • Review of associated documents.
  • Written report produced within 48 hours of the visit that can be presented to the Governing Body.

Advice and guidance:

  • Advice and guidance can be sought via email or over the phone.
  • Answers to complex queries.
  • Fast response time (same day or next business day).
  • Phone conversation will be followed with a written response where required.
  • Assist schools to comply with regulation when in need of urgent support.

Training for new staff who complete the SCR and recruitment processes:

  • Aimed at newly recruited staff or those who need a little more support.
  • Back to basics hands on training. 
  • Break down of all pre-employment checks, why and how to carry them out.
  • Each session tailored to participants needs.
  • Increased ability to respond the complex requirements when completing processes.
  • Boosts confidence and understanding.

Safeguarding Governors – Training on how to carry out internal audits of the SCR:

  • Over the years, schools have identified the benefit of Safeguarding Governors carrying out an internal audit. of the SCR. In order for a robust audit to take place, in depth training is offered to support the governor with this process.
  • Training on how to carry out robust internal audits of the SCR.
  • Demonstrations on how to delve further into processes to ensure statutory requirements are met.
  • Appreciation to challenge evidence presented.
  • Participants will leave with a greater awareness of the legislation that governs recruitment and the SCR.

Briefing sessions:

  • Annual briefing sessions to schools and academies updating on changes to statutory requirements from the DfE or Home Office, along with elements of best practice gained from schools audits. 

Bespoke briefing sessions for MATs:

  • For those who require specific training for the schools that fall within the MAT on requirements for compliance with KCSIE.
  • This ensures a consistent approach across all schools.

Mediation from 1-2-1’s up to teams of 15:

  • This is a voluntary process where there has been a breakdown in the working relationship. 
  • This breakdown has the potential to have a detrimental effect on the employee’s performance. 
  • All participants are supported and guided through a structured process with the aim of joint working agreements achieved. 
  • Schools and participants value this service as it avoids the use of formal processes to resolve issues around working relationships.
  • Earlier use of mediation should be encouraged.
  • It is the perfect vehicle for encouraging an open and confidential dialogue at an early stage, to avoid the conflict escalating.
  • Employees have the opportunity to input into the decision on how to resolve a situation. 
  • Mediations that lead to an agreement have endless benefits that include a positive resolution to a workplace dispute in a quick, cost effective manner.

Team facilitation:

  • Team facilitation is about getting everybody working well together. It is not quite the same as mediation, which tends to be used more when there is a dispute within the team. 
  • Facilitation is more about opening up dialogue, building trust, improving communication, and having the team value one another’s contributions. Moving the team in the same direction and increasing performance.
  • Sessions designed to meet the requirements of the school.
  • Carefully structured to support teams with opening up lines of communication.
  • Aims of the session agreed by all from the outset.
  • Gives all participants the opportunity to agree common working practices and goals.
  • Exercises tailored throughout the session around active contribution.
  • Provides the forum to review behaviours and outcomes which directly impact on performance.

For more information or to enquire about booking any of the above services please contact Ellen via either email: ,telephone (07739489615) or the contact form on this site.